How it Works

Innovative, Personal and Proven Effective

Real estate agents work with great buyers to help them purchase the home of their dreams. A NestingUp cover letter helps achieve that goal. This online tool merges pictures or a video with a short description into beautiful cover letters and personalized video messages. Agents can create the letter themselves or send a link to their buyers for them to create.

Sellers like to do business with people they personally know, like and trust. By including a NestingUp cover letter with your home offer, agents put an actual face to the buyers and the transaction. A NestingUp cover letter establishes the personal connection between the buyers and sellers that will get your offer accepted and create the conditions for a smooth escrow.

A NestingUp cover letter is proven to improve your odds of getting an offer accepted and with more favorable contract terms.

The Steps

for the

Real Estate Agent


Input your agent information and start adding buyers to your account.

Send a link to your buyers so they can upload their photos or video and write a few short paragraphs.

Get notified when the buyers are finished. Share the letter or video message with seller's agent!

Open email from your agent.

Upload 3 photos, a 60 second video (optional), and write a few short sentences about you and the home you want!

One click to send your information to your agent who will send it off with your home offer.

Edit your photos, video or content anytime with each new offer you submit!

The Products

A Sample NestingUp cover letter to submit with your offers