How it Works

Innovative, Personal and Proven Effective

A cover letter that includes pictures stands out. In today's world, pictures are everything. Whether you are a job applicant, a home buyer or need to submit a cover letter, a NestingUp cover letter will make you stand out. And it's free. Give it a try.

We also added a video message feature. Upload a quick video message to your profile then export the link to your profile for people to watch.

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The Steps

for the

Real Estate Agents


Input your agent information and start adding buyers to your account.

Send a link to your buyers so they can upload their photos or video and write a few short paragraphs.

Get notified when the buyers are finished. Share the letter or video message with seller's agent!


Upload 3 photos, a 60 second video (optional), and write a few short sentences about you.

Export your letter as a PDF and share with employers or whomever!

Edit your photos, video or content anytime.

The Products

Sample NestingUp cover letters to submit with your resume or home offers